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A very interesting read for all those who think that virtual world of communication is now becoming real world of communication.. how smartphones are changing our behavior…


How Does Mobile work

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  • To start with basic on Internet on Mobile let us first understand the basics on Mobile Telephony and how it works… Below mentioned links will help us get the insight into this…

    Details on MSC
    Mobile Switching Center (MCS) is the primary service-delivery node for GSM and WCDMA handling voice calls, SMS and services such as faxing. Abbreviated as MSC the mobile switching center connects calls by switching the digital voice data packets from one network path to another (also called routing). The MSC also provides the information that is needed to support mobile service subscribers, such as user registration and authentication information. The MSC sets up and releases the end-to-end connection, handles mobility and hand-over requirements during the call, and takes care of charging and real-time pre-paid account monitoring.

    Data on Mobile: Is technology ready for high utilization

    Reference Article:…-smart-devices/

    To star let us understand the basics of the Technology used in smart phone. Very good insight can be obtained from below mentioned URL:

    Now since we understand that SmartPhone are based on GPRS or Edge for data network let us drill down a little further to understand what is GPRS

    Since telco plays a major role in the speed with which the smart phone access the data, below mentioned  article indicates growing concern on Data Usage and Technology Upgrade for supporting the data transfer on Mobile :

    Smartphones a growing problem for networks on LiveMint – Posted: Wed, Feb 17 2010. 1:06 PM IST

    Data Traffic on mobile and smart devices

    With growing number of smart devices and expected jump of 33% this year, the industry will have have to really work hard to match consumer expectations:

    1. Speed of access. Telcos will see huge surge in data volume over their networks, however, question is if they are ready to back this expansion or will become bottle neck in this growth. With voice revenue being impacted data is their focus now.
    2. Ease of use, current apps on mobile are not very user friendly so they need to change. many providers of such app automatically redirect traffic to wap interface if request comes from mobile, but lot others have to catch up… Personally liked yahoo mail and facebook on airtel live mobile. Same issue I am facing as I currently writing this blog using my mobile.
    3. Applications accessibility, we need more user and enterprise apps. Focus can be education, finance, transportation like booking tickets, movie tickets, local search, and much more..

    I plan to keep posting as I research in this space; technology, operators, consumer behavior.. ..